What Clovis Tribe is about

Clovis Tribe was inspired by my research in to the historical “Clovis People”.  The Clovis People were coined with that name because evidence of their cultural artifacts that were found in Clovis New Mexico around the year 1929, and these spear points were linked to an ancient European culture that were known to exist in what is now the South of France dating back to 17,000+ years ago.   The link in the America’s is estimated to also be about 17,000 years old.   More here;    Clovis Point
The Clovis People died out long ago, but lived on the American continent for over 10,000 year.

The significance to this community, is how the ancient Europeans and the Ancient Asians came together in this continent and formed tribes together in unity.  Two different cultures, from two far away places, coming together and forming tribes for the greater good of all.

Some of these native American cultures still exist, whom have ancient blood from both ancient Europeans and Ancient Asians.    Looking into the Métis people from Canada has shown both DNA evidence and cultural evidence of European ancestry from ancient times.

Growing up in LDS/Mormon Culture, I learned a lot about the Mormon version of Native American history.  Which is of course in-accurate.   But the Mormons were certainly on to something.   The Mormons were certainly correct about a trans-Atlantic migration.

Clovis Spear Point at Clovis Tribe

Clovis Spear Point at Clovis Tribe

Clovis Spear Point at Clovis Tribe

Clovis Spear Point at Clovis Tribe

Our family has traveled all over the US to see ancient sites where Europeans once lived many thousands of years ago.  From Lovelock Cave near Lovelock Nevada, where the Si-Te-Cah lived, to Kennewick Washington where “Kennewick Man” was found, and soon to Florida and other sites in California.   Europeans lives all over the American continent well over 10,000 years ago.  It is fascinating to read books such as  “Life Among the Paiutes – Their Wrongs and Claims” by Sara Winnemucca Hopkins (Native American princess and scholar) as well as other tribal scholars that write about their oral history that mentions these ancient European inhabitants of the American continent.

I think we can learn from our past, and sculpt our future to reflect from those lessons that we have learned from ancient peoples.   It is my opinion that a lot can be learned from looking into the past.

In my future blog posts I will write about several topics.  The Clovis People, The Si-Te-Cah, and the Solutrean people are a few of the main cultures that I will write about, as well as the Métis people.

This is our journey to the Lovelock Caves in 2013

This is a video about the Clovis People.


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